Tremendous Bowl Bingo Printable – Enjoyable for the Entire Household

Inside: Get my free Super Bowl bingo printable — it’s a fun, family-friendly football party game.

The Super Bowl is not always fun for everyone to watch, but this game can involve the entire family! Just print your cards and grab some pennies and then watch those commercials. Anytime you see any of your items come up, cover them up! Get some prizes for a win, a black out and more!


Is your family ready for the big game? I know many families look forward to having a little Super Bowl party … making fun plans to eat delicious game day appetizers, watch the half-time show, and — oh yeah — watch the football game!

But let’s be real. Most of us are more excited about a catching a hilarious or memorable Super Bowl commercial than we are about who wins the game. That’s why I created this free printable for Super Bowl commercial bingo.

A Super Bowl Party Game for the Whole Family

This simple bingo game will bring everyone together for a few hours, even if your crew ranges from diehard football fan to the just-here-for-the-snacks commercial fans. It’s the ultimate couch party, perfect for that lazy January day!

How to Play the Super Bowl Bingo Game

Download my printable bingo cards and print them (no need to print in color if you don’t want to). You’ll see that the bingo squares are full of items you’re likely to see in a Super Bowl commercial, such as “car,” “truck,” and “Coke.”

Give a game board to everyone in your family, along with small things you can use as your bingo markers. Pennies, tiny pretzels, small candy like Skittles or M&Ms… whatever you can find (and not eat!).

Sit down to watch the game (well, really the commercials). Each time you see any of the items on your football bingo card either mentioned or shown in an advertisement, cover it up. You can play for one row, “x” shape or even blackout. Just be sure to decide your specific commercial bingo rules before you start playing.

If you want to add even more fun, you can have prizes to hand out.

More Super Bowl Party Ideas

If your Super Bowl festivities are bigger than just your family, be sure to check out my tips on hosting a Super Bowl party on a budget.

And here are some great recipe ideas that also work for the whole football season, not just during the Super Bowl game:

Bingo cards

Published in January 2015. Updated in November 2020.


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