A Peek Into the Final Few Weeks (+ my targets for this week)

March 23, 2021 | Crystal Paine

Whew! It was quite a whirlwind few weeks! Jesse and Kaitlynn went on a school trip to Orlando and Kathrynne went on a school trip to Key West. Since I had a lot of media interviews and other projects related to my book launch, my mom came to stay with us so she could watch Kierstyn during my interviews plus spend time with us.

Kierstyn loved getting so much Grandma time! And I think Grandma probably enjoyed it quite a lot, too! 🙂

We enjoyed playing Farkle together — my first time to play it!

My mom made me these huge, amazing salads for lunch every day. I was so spoiled!!

My mom spent a lot of time reading and singing with Kierstyn. It was the sweetest!

On Tuesday evening, we got a call that there was a sweet little 7-month-old boy with special needs who had come into custody and they couldn’t find a foster home for him in his county. Would we be able to take him in as a long-term placement that night?

It was 9:30 pm. Jesse and the girls were gone. I was already feeling tired and worn down. And yet, I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were supposed to say yes.

I called Jesse in Florida and told him all the details and, without missing a beat, I heard him say a very confident, “Yes!”

At 12:15 am, this sweet boy was dropped off and my mom and I got a crash course in g-tube feedings, Down syndrome, cleft lip/palate, and more!

Wednesday morning — even though I had gotten very little sleep the night before! — I headed to the Dave Ramsey headquarters to record a video segment about Love-Centered Parenting with Christy Wright for her show.

I was grateful for the nice lighting that hid my tired eyes! 🙂 (Also, for some reason I thought it was just an audio interview. I’m so glad I decided at the last minute to actually dress up a little and fix my hair and put on some makeup before I ran out the door that morning!!)

Overnight, she seemed to grow up! And she’s been taking her role as big sister very seriously!

The last two weeks have been hours and hours of phone calls and doctor’s visits and trying to track down doctors and medical records and details on this little boy’s case + learn his care protocol. We are so grateful for the incredibly helpful medical professionals who have been working with us to piece together his records and create a plan of care (DCS didn’t have that much info when he came into custody).

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